Tips on Buying a First Home for the Family

For young families, deciding to buy a house for the first time is not an easy matter. We need discussions with those closest to get the best home for his small family. Also, they need as much information as a consideration in buying a home. In order not to choose the wrong and by the budget that has been prepared, young families must also think carefully about various aspects associated with it. Therefore, the tips below might help young families who are confused about determining their first home.

1. The location of housing determines the investment value if the house is to be resold later

For young families who have just bought a house for the first time, the actual location is the most important thing. Because the location of the house will determine the investment value when the house will be resold later. Well, the actual location of this house must be very calculated. The more strategic location of your home, the higher the value of your investment. If you choose the wrong location of the house, it is the same as investing wrong. Because you should have a place to stay while you can while investing in the future. So when you have to move to a bigger house, you already have enough money from the sale of the house that is now inhabited.

2. Research on desirable homes

In order not to choose the wrong house, you should first research the coveted home. Of course, this is so that no one chooses when buying a house for the first time. In-depth research on related information is very important to know, for example, the area of   land and buildings, the suitability of prices, home design, including the quality of building materials used. It is also necessary to know the availability of access roads, security and other facilities in the housing complex.

3. Calculate carefully the price of the house

Calculate carefully the price of the house. Including various things that will be issued if you live there. Such as land prices, taxes, the cost of commuting to work, and so forth. If you choose to buy in a residential area, don’t forget to calculate the DP, monthly installments and interest tax. In general, there are two types of payment schemes for housing, namely mortgages and cash. However, to know more info about payment for this house, you should contact the developer for more detailed information

4. Compare loan sources

If you choose to buy a house with a mortgage system, do not forget to compare mortgage offers provided by several banks. Because every bank has their respective offers. Look for as much information as possible and choose a mortgage that suits your needs.

5. Survey and study the home environment

When going to buy a house, do not forget to survey directly there. Because the house will be occupied every day, seeing it directly with your own eyes is very necessary to understand how the state of the house in detail. When doing this survey you can study the home environment that you will buy. Is the location of the house close to public facilities such as stations, malls, and schools/universities? Also, examine whether there are hospitals or health care centers for example.

6. Make sure the developer who made the housing is not fake

Now many developers are offering houses but land certificates and permits have not yet been issued. If you get the wrong choice of developers who are like this, you can bother yourself later. Do not let the good intentions of buying a house, but deceived by some irresponsible persons.

7. Look for developers who are giving attractive promos

Several developers offer attractive offers to prospective customers. Such as Permata Bogor Residence Housing that offers a Very Light House DP With a variety of advantages possessed guaranteed not to make you lose.

Because the first house is very important for young families, so don’t be mistaken when making a choice. The various tips outlined above can be taken into consideration in buying your first home. One of the right houses to be the first home is Permata Bogor Residence Housing. In addition to its strategic location, a comfortable environment also makes this house very suitable for young families.