Two Advantages Of Asphalt Shingles

While asphalt is a very cheap type of roofing and other materials may handle certain situations better, you shouldn’t use those factors to just write asphalt off as useless. Asphalt isn’t a popular shingle choice just because it’s cheap. It also has many other advantages as a roofing material. You will find two of these benefits written below.

They Are Versatile 

There are a great variety of asphalt shingle designs for you to choose from. One of these customizable features is color. If you’re having a hard time matching the paint color of your home with the color of many other roofings, deciding on asphalt shingles with a certain color may be a good choice. Also, asphalt shingles can be made to mimic other types of shingles like wood or slate, so you don’t have to settle with the less advantageous features of those materials if you want a certain look. You also have the choice between many different shapes. These include rougher, more natural-looking edges alongside smoother ones. 

They Are Durable 

Asphalt may not be as tough as metal or rubber, but it can definitely hold its own in a great number of ways. The material has excellent resistance to fire, water, algae, and high winds. Also, if these kinds of shingles sustain damage, the roof can easily be fixed by the mere replacement of one or more individual shingles by a roofer Daytona Beach rather than having to rip up several different ones. Beyond that, asphalt shingles can last for decades. 

Popularity doesn’t always mean that something is of good quality, but that is not true of asphalt’s case. Along with the reasons mentioned above, there are plenty more reasons why this material is relied upon by roofers the world over. If anything, it’s definitely worth your consideration of using it on your roof.