Why Is Built-Up Flat Roofing More Durable Than Ordinary Roofing?

Built-up roofing has been used in America for over a century. This type of roofing consists of multiple layers of waterproof material packed alternately with hot tar and then finished with a layer of pebble-like gravel. Previously, flat roofs and BUR roofing were only used for commercial buildings. But the trend is slowly but surely changing. This roofing is becoming more popular with homeowners in Tampa. Building owners prefer this type of roofing for several reasons.


Built-up roofing is affordable. Layers of roofing are made from gravel, bitumen, or coal tar. These materials are readily available and affordable. This is why roofs of this type are increasingly popular in the residential sector.


This roofing type has many benefits that make it attractive to customers. It is easy to do and doesn’t cost a lot.

Water Resistant

Built-up roofs are water-resistant. Gravel and bitumen are used to cover the roof. They do not absorb water or retain it even in heavy rains. The BUR does not support fungal or algal growth.


The built-up roof protects from the heat. Your roof will not buckle or curl due to extreme heat. Extreme heat and icy cold temperatures are not likely to affect it. It is highly efficient in terms of energy consumption. This will impact your energy bills.

UV-Ray Resistance

Built-up roofs can withstand damaging UV rays. The gravel layer is a barrier to UV rays and protects the layers below.

Fire resistance

The fire-resistant layer on the roof is found at the top of the gravel layer. It is fire-resistant at 100% and is helpful in areas frequently threatened by wildfires.

All Weathers Covered

Built-up roofs are highly weather-resistant. It can withstand extreme heat, deluges, and frosty winters.


Because they are flat, built-up roofing is beautiful in Tampa. Thanks to the gravel layer at its top, your roof will be ruggedly beautiful.

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