Benefits of a Minimalist Home for Body and Mind Health

Do you believe that the minimalist home can affect a person’s health and mood? This is revealed by The Journal of Social and Personal Relationships, where scattered household chores can cause mental stress on the husband and wife’s companions who work and make them depressed about this condition.

It’s no secret, that everyone would want their home to return to its original state, as a place of rest. And one of the steps that can be taken is to design the house to be minimalist, so that it seems fun and easy to set up. What kind of tricks?

minimalist home


It could be that the fear you experience comes from a scattered house. Studies show that room lighting and room design can affect how you feel, for example when the room is very bright, so you will feel rushed. If the room is very small, it will feel trapped or closed. Therefore, be careful in controlling the lighting of the room so that it does not become too bright or too black.

Of course, everyone wants to decorate the house to make it look attractive. And the presence of accessories in the house can increase the attractiveness and unique impression in the house. But too many accessories in the house can also turn out to be a breeding ground for disease, for example, unused jars become a breeding ground for dengue mosquitoes which are very risky.

Of course we can put some memorable objects, it’s just that we have to be really careful to choose which ones are good to put in the house and which ones can be a nest of disease. If the house is very clean, you will also feel quiet.


Many studies say that the brain reacts positively to things that are symmetrical, so the balance of the house determines your brain’s response. If the house looks neat and clean, then the housekeeper will also feel calm and at home in the house.


We often see minimalist homes decorated with neutral colors and tend to be bold and modern with a few accents. This motif gives an open and inviting impression. Therefore, coloring the room with a neutral color allows the brain to process the space evenly without any obstacles from other accessories.

Minimalist style does not mean eliminating all individual objects, but how to make it more simple and symmetrical so that housekeepers can be calm and feel at home in the house.