Element in the Decoration of the Dining Room

When you want to add elements to the dining room decor, make sure you don’t just focus on selecting the furniture. Because this room will often be used by all family members to eat together. You can create a warm impression in the dining room by choosing the right decoration elements. Here are some recommendations for decorating elements to decorate the dining room:

Dining Room

Big carpet

You can place a large rug under the table to enhance the appearance of the dining room. You can choose to use burlap rugs or woven rugs. Look for a carpet size that is larger than the size of the table, or if possible the width exceeds the chairs at the dining table. Adjust the shape of the carpet with the shape of the dining table. If the dining table is round, choose a rug that is similar in shape. Then choose a carpet color that matches the concept you want. You can choose beige or gold to add an elegant impression.

Fruit decoration in basket

Adding imitation fruit decorations in a basket will make the dining room look fresh and exotic. You can choose fruits such as apples, pears, grapes and bananas. Place the imitation fruit in a rattan basket, wooden bowl or aesthetic plate.


The dining table will be the center of attention when family members sit down to eat together. For that, you can add a decorative element in the form of a chandelier to add lighting. In order to create a warm feel, you can choose a chandelier with bright yellow light. In addition, adjust the chandelier design to the space concept you want to create.

Napkin ring

Napkin rings or napkin rings can be an additional beautiful accessory to decorate the dining table. Pair cutlery such as plates, spoons, forks, knives, glasses with napkins that are neatly rolled up with napkin rings. You can choose napkin rings with iron carvings to add a modern impression.

Plants with red or yellow leaves

Besides functioning to clean the air in the dining room, plants can make the room look fresher. You can choose plants with red or yellow leaves, because these two colors can stimulate your appetite.