Retirement in Saint Augustine, Florida

If retirement is fast approaching and you are thinking about spending at least some of your year in a warm and sunny location, then consider Saint Augustine, Florida as your new home. There are many different factors to consider when picking out your retirement home and here are three important pieces to consider as you plan for your golden years.

Home Sweet Home

The most important piece of moving or relocating is finding your perfect home to relax, host and rejuvenate in each day. One of the best options to find the perfect home is to utilize st. augustine home builders to custom build a home exactly to your needs and desires. Other options include purchasing a pre-built home, condo or townhouse or renting a home. 

Social Opportunities

Think about what sorts of hobbies and activities you already enjoy and any ones you hope to enjoy as you head into retirement. If you are an avid golfer or tennis player, then look at what country clubs or courses or tennis courts are close to your new home. Perhaps joining a local fitness center will help you enjoy a variety of activities and keep you healthy and active well into your later year. Social opportunities like card clubs, local bands and orchestras, art centers, and travel groups all provide outlets for new friendships while honing skills.


Growing one’s emotional, mental and spiritual health through volunteerism is an important piece to living a purposeful and fulfilling life in retirement. Giving back through time and gifts is beneficial for your own health and the lives of all of those whom you provide service. There are so many different opportunities for volunteerism in any community ranging from caring for babies during a mom’s group to reading to local school children to renovating homes to doing tax prep for lower income families.